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About Us

Life is beautiful when you have passion. We're not living to merely survive, when you hurt you cry, when you play you laugh. Just let go the hurt after a cry and remember the fun after a laugh.

1/3 of your life is sleeping, 1/3 of your life is working, and the most important 1/3 of your life is playing and enjoy the nice things you have, that's the passion we have to conduct our business, that's the passion led us here. Just play, have fun and enjoy being yourself.

It's passion bring us here, me and my friends love finding quality stuff and playing around at our little studio after work, and at certain point we've been thinking why don't we share them to everyone how may have interest with them too? This is the reason we conducting this whole project with a store, our facebook page and our youtube channel. Hope everyone here can lower the burden for a while and enjoy themselves a little.